The Hackers are Hacking

The hackers never sleep. Or rather their little programs never do.hackers

  • It is not uncommon for me to get over 50,000 password breach attempts in a day.
  • I regularly help people get their computers back because someone emailed them, phoned them that they have a virus.
  • I often have to change people's passwords because 123456qwerty was not as secure as they hopped.
  • Websites I host must be upgraded whenever patches are released, we get new versions of software because old versions have vulnerabilities that get found, exploited and websites become trojan horses.

What does this all mean for you, with emails and websites hosted with me?

  • You must keep your passwords secure.
  • Use a password manager like LastPass
  • If in doubt do not follow that link, many of you send me a question and we look and see if this is legit or not, most often it is not.
  • Update your website with all released patches, plugin updates and theme updates.

Go to

If I am currently managing your emails I highly suggest that you get me to move your emails into Google.

The cost is $10.00 per email per month.

  • Google helps to guarantee delivery.
  • Google does a far better job of spam checking than I do.
  • Google also gives you the whole Google Office suite, no more paying the Microsoft Tax.
  • Get emails where you are, PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone. You can do this with me, but Google makes it easier.

 What if it's too late?

With the age of fast computers and fast connections, 100,000  emails is not a lot. I do have systems in place:

  • If a single (good or bad) session tries to send more than 30 emails at once, it gets denied.
    • So if you have tried to send more than 30 emails in one email, then you would have got a message back that your emails were held.
  • Hackers are sneaky and will send thousands of single emails from thousands of different locations.
  • I get hourly alerts when things go wrong, but it only takes a couple of hours for the damage to be done.

To ensure delivery of your good emails I use a service called SendGrid.
If your email password gets compromised or your website gets compromised there is a cost to all these bad emails going out.

The cost of getting hacked is $125.00 per 100,000 emails, plus the time for me to clean out the hacks and get you protected again.

 What can you do to protect yourself?lastpass

  • Use a password manager.
  • Use hard passwords
  • Do not use the same passwords in multiple places.
  • Do not trust password resents unless you have requested them. If in doubt check with me.
  • Do not follow links in emails, even from friends. That funny joke may not be so funny.
  • Goto Google gSuites for your emails.
  • Update your website at least once a month.

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All prices are ex GST.